Mill Creek Sports

Scott Mahlum started buying and selling baseball cards when he was 10 years old, continued through high school and college and now has been selling sports memorabilia for over 26 years as the owner and founder of Mill Creek Sports.

In the past, Mahlum rented a retail space and had multiple warehouse locations to store items from photos and sports cards to autographed footballs and jerseys. He wanted to consolidate into one location where he could have his own building with both ample retail and warehouse space and one suitable for football or other memorabilia signings with famous players and eager fans Mahlum chose Harold Christensen, at Lance Mueller and Associates as his project architect. The resulting building is a two story structure with a reinforced, load bearing concrete masonry exterior. The new building offers 10,000 square feet of interior space with plenty of room for inventory, retail, and office space.

Christensen says:

I knew Scott wanted a building that would stand out from concrete tilt up or framed construction. He wanted it to have a regal look to look nice and long lasting. He specifically mentioned he liked brick and block designs. We looked at photos of block buildings and he really liked the look of a YMCA we designed in Seattle using concrete masonry.

View entire project here: Mill Creek Sports (PDF)